[MINI-120] Naturial - Journey into Space of God

Experimental / 320 kbps / 36.7 MB

01. Peripheral Vision - 1:52
02. Space Travel - 4:19
03. Galactic Ghoul - 3:09
04. Mars Curse - 1:43
05. What Galaxy Do We Live In - 4:21
06. Magnetosphere - 2:43

Naturial is a postrock-ambientronic-spacerock-psychedelic-experimental band from Bandung that formed in 2011 and the personal project of multi-instrumentalist musician, Fahmi Mursyid. Inspired from watching a channel on tv and read more articles about science and space. So, prepare your rocketship, countdown, and close your eyes, than just listen this! feel the journey, see you on another dimensions.

Produced by Fahmi Mursyid
All tracks writen and composed by Fahmi Mursyid
All sounds recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fahmi Mursyid
at Natural Memorial Studio (Bandung, West Java) on 2011-2012.
Length : 16.89
Cover Design by Fahmi Mursyid

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