[MINI-093] Damien Ark - The Ark Shattering; Good Night Damien Ark

Onkyo / 96 kbps / 7.5 MB

01. Final Ark - 10:50

Special secret note to the people who care and read this:

This is the final project under Damien Ark. I will still be making music but under a different project, which is much personal and won't be advertised online much or posted on netlabels. You can access that project below.


Thanks to Minimism Records for the support in the albums I've sent before and for this album too. You're an amazing netlabel. Love you guys. Keep doing what you do. MHZ, you're a fucking badass. Hugs and kisses to all and especially him.

Damien Ark was a very fun side project for me. I was able to release under the folllowing net-labels; Lowbit Records, Zeronoize, Sphicot, Devil Noise, Glitch City, Microbit Records, Minimism Records, Hooligan Records, and Haltura. I've been able to make different sounds that I've wanted to explore, but now this project is done. I'm wanting to work on something much more serious and personal to me called A Horse On Thursday.

You can locate my entire discography at the link below, including the horrible music I made with a douchebag named Bill when I was bored. The page includes my current projects, hiatus, ended, my splits, and the genre's I've worked under.


Thanks to anyone who's listen to music under Damien Ark and all the netlabels support.

/endtransmission. - Damien Randall Arkfeld